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Create dynamic crops of all regions returned as bounding boxes from an object detection or segmentation model.

Step parameters

  • type: must be Crop (required)
  • name: must be unique within all steps - used as identifier (required)
  • image: must be a reference to input of type InferenceImage or crops output from steps executing cropping ( Crop, AbsoluteStaticCrop, RelativeStaticCrop) (required)
  • detections: must be a reference to predictions property of steps: [ObjectDetectionModel, KeypointsDetectionModel, InstanceSegmentationModel, DetectionFilter, DetectionsConsensus, YoloWorld] (required)

Step outputs:

  • crops - image cropped based on detections
  • parent_id - identifier of parent image / associated detection that helps to identify predictions with RoI in case of multi-step pipelines