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Kind Batch[image]

Image in workflows


This is the representation of image batch in workflows. The value behind this kind is Python list of dictionaries. Each of this dictionary is native inference image with the following keys defined:

    "type": "url",   # there are different types supported, including np arrays and PIL images
    "value": "..."   # value depends on `type`
This format makes it possible to use inference image utils to operate on the images.

Some blocks that output images may add additional fields - like "parent_id", which should not be modified but may be used is specific contexts - for instance when one needs to tag predictions with identifier of parent image.

Important note:

When you see Batch[<A>] in a name, it means that each group of data, called a batch, will contain elements of type <A>. This also implies that if there are multiple inputs or outputs for a batch-wise operation, they will maintain the same order of elements within each batch.