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Model Licenses

Inference Source Code License

The Roboflow Inference code is distributed under an Apache 2.0 license.

Using Models Hosted on Roboflow

To use a model hosted on Roboflow for commercial purposes, you need a Roboflow Enterprise license.

Contact the Roboflow sales team to inquire about an enterprise license.

Model Code Licenses

The models supported by Roboflow Inference have their own licenses. View the licenses for supported models below.

model license
inference/models/clip MIT
inference/models/gaze MIT, Apache 2.0
inference/models/sam Apache 2.0
inference/models/vit Apache 2.0
inference/models/yolact MIT
inference/models/yolov5 AGPL-3.0
inference/models/yolov7 GPL-3.0
inference/models/yolov8 AGPL-3.0