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Grounding DINO (Object Detection)


This model is not yet available in Inference. Check back later for updates.

Grounding DINO is a zero-shot object detection model.

You can use Grounding DINO to identify objects in images and videos using arbitrary text prompts.

To use Grounding DINO effectively, we recommend experimenting with the model to understand which text prompts help achieve the desired results.


Grounding DINO is most effective at identifying common objects (i.e. cars, people, dogs, etc.). It is less effective at identifying uncommon objects (i.e. a specific type of car, a specific person, a specific dog, etc.).

How to Use Grounding DINOΒΆ

Create a new Python file called and add the following code:

In this code, we load Grounding DINO, run Grounding DINO on an image, and annotate the image with the predictions from the model.

Above, replace:

  1. coffee cup with the object you want to detect.
  2. image.jpg with the path to the image in which you want to detect objects.

To use Grounding DINO with Inference, you will need a Roboflow API key. If you don't already have a Roboflow account, sign up for a free Roboflow account. Then, retrieve your API key from the Roboflow dashboard. Run the following command to set your API key in your coding environment:

export API_KEY=<your api key>

Then, run the Python script you have created:


The results of Grounding DINO model will be displayed in a new window: