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Apply a fixed offset to the width and height of a detection.

You can use this block to add padding around the result of a detection. This is useful to ensure that you can analyze bounding boxes that may be within the region of an object instead of being around an object.


Name Type Description Refs
name str The unique name of this step..
offset_width int Offset for boxes width.
offset_height int Offset for boxes height.

The Refs column marks possibility to parametrise the property with dynamic values available in workflow runtime. See Bindings for more info.

Available Connections

Check what blocks you can connect to DetectionOffset.

The available connections depend on its binding kinds. Check what binding kinds DetectionOffset has.

Example JSON definition of DetectionOffset step
    "name": "<your_step_name_here>",
    "type": "DetectionOffset",
    "predictions": "$steps.object_detection_model.predictions",
    "offset_width": 10,
    "offset_height": 10